Month: July 2019

Finance Demon

Has your paycheck not been enough for you to make it through the month, week, or even the day?  While the costs of living are steadily rising, our pay has seemed to remain the same or even decrease.  There is a Finance Demon going house to house trying to prevent God’s children from receiving the …

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Subtle Money

One evening, Mr. Thomas Perkins, a young man with wisdom, made a comment that I have continued to think about over several months.  He began discussing the term subtle money.  He explained that subtle money is not flashy, but if you look closely, you can see the money.  The fact that a young man even …

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Wealth Transfer

Where do you fall in the economic spectrum?  Are you in the lower, middle, or upper class?  Depending on where your financial status places you, it may determine your view of “Wealth Transfer”.  Some have views that “Wealth Transfer” only involves taking from the rich and giving to those in lower economic classes.  The wealthier …

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