“Generational Wealth Builder”

Joe Austin II is the Owner / Broker of Austin Luxury Realty Services. He is a FAA Licensed Private Pilot and retired Air Force Major that served his country for 18+ years managing various aircraft programs.

While in the Air Force, Joe held a variety of aircraft maintenance and program management positions. His first assignment was maintaining a Boeing 747 known as the E-4B National Airborne Operations Center. This aircraft’s mission was to allow the President and military leaders to command military forces in the event of a nuclear war. Later, he was responsible for scheduled/unscheduled maintenance actions for 600+ C-130 cargo aircraft around the globe. Joe’s final assignment was as the Deputy Director, Big Safari Projects, where he led actions supporting classified and non-classified aircraft. He loves aviation!

After retiring from the Air Force, Joe held various Procurement and Aviation positions with ExxonMobil. While he enjoyed the opportunity and met great people, Joe has always been an entrepreneur, and he decided to depart corporate America in 2016 to lead the real estate company full-time. Currently, as a real estate broker, he guides real estate transactions for clients, conducts, negotiations, and ensures the transaction process is carried out in an efficient manner.

Joe conducts financial seminars for community and church organizations. He launched and continues to lead a Home Buying & Wealth Building Cohort program to educate real estate buyers on the process of purchasing a primary home as well as providing strategies to build wealth. The general timeframe for the program is between 6 months to 4 years and allows participants to be around like-minded individuals. This program is a “one-stop” shop with real estate, lenders, credit repair, and insurance professionals ready to make the home buying process as easy as possible.


  • Texas Real Estate Broker
  • FAA Licensed Private Pilot – he loves to zip through the air!
  • Commercial Driver’s License with Passenger Endorsement – he loves all forms of transportation…You may see him rolling in a Prevost!

Professional Publications:

  • Generational Wealth Builder; 2019
  • Money Grows On Trees…If You Plant The Right Seeds; 2006
  • An Analysis of Retaining or Replacing Air Force Command & Control Aircraft; NPS; 2007