“Don’t Let Others Define Who You Are…Define Who You Are To Others”

Joe Austin II

Educational Choices

Educational choices are abundant and oftentimes difficult for young and older students to decide what field of study to pursue. For those high school students

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Finance Demon

Has your paycheck not been enough for you to make it through the month, week, or even the day?  While the costs of living are

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To Save Or Not To Save…

An email was received from an Epitome Magazine reader asking what to do about her financial situation.  Specifically, she asked what she should do with

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Subtle Money

One evening, Mr. Thomas Perkins, a young man with wisdom, made a comment that I have continued to think about over several months.  He began

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The End of Entitlements

There have been many discussions about how our government can no longer afford entitlement programs.  Social Security, Medicare, and even Veteran programs are at risk

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Wealth Transfer

Where do you fall in the economic spectrum?  Are you in the lower, middle, or upper class?  Depending on where your financial status places you,

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