“Don’t Let Others Define Who You Are…Define Who You Are To Others”

Reset Your Preset

During Sunday morning worship service at West Irving Church, Elder Jamaal Mellerson made a profound statement. He strongly proclaimed that we all need to “Reset

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Roller Coaster Finances

This financial topic was given to me while Pastor Andrew Jackson, Jr. from West Irving Church of God in Christ was preaching.  He mentioned that

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Tough Financial Love

As parents, we often attempt to provide our children with everything they want; however, giving them everything will not level the playing field. The playing

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Trim the Financial Fat

The New Year often begins with people setting goals to exercise more and lose weight.  From a financial standpoint, fat prevents you from maintaining wealth

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Financial Sacrifice

People are taught to work hard and get a good education but are not properly taught the entire spectrum money plays and will play in

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Fiscal Cliff

Today’s newsworthy story is the Fiscal Cliff our government is facing. Without an agreement, tax cuts will expire and automatic large-scale spending cuts will be

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