Financial Blessing or Financial Curse?

Today’s generation is one that desires to have everything instantly.  We desire to “get rich quick” and want to “name and claim” our blessings.  We are often excited about items that we should be thankful for but should not be the highlight of our lives.  Getting a new car is a great task for a young couple just beginning to make it on their own.  They should be proud of the fact they have “grown up” and made a big purchase on their own.  Is this a financial blessing or a financial curse?

The Bible states in Proverbs 10:22, “The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it”.  This means that if you receive something you think is a blessing, it should not add any sadness with it.  If a new car is hindering your budget, or if it is causing problems within your marriage, you must decide if it is really a blessing or a curse.  While we must have transportation, it doesn’t mean we have to spend too much of our income on a vehicle when a less expensive one will also work.

I will confess that I purchased a vehicle that was well within the 10% of my income.  According to the numbers, I had no problem with driving and paying for it; however, I felt convicted that I was paying that much money for a vehicle (that I really liked…I really liked it…).  Again, the numbers showed that I could afford it, and I had an extremely low interest rate.  I ended up trading the vehicle in and purchasing a less expensive one.  While this is a vehicle example, we must look at all of our spending habits to make sure we are not forming a financial curse on our family.  Just because we have the money to spend on an item does not mean we can really afford to buy it.

While we all work hard and tell ourselves that we deserve certain items, we must realize it is not about us.  It is ultimately about our families and advancing the Kingdom of God.  Are we really witnessing financial blessings when people are going further in debt and our communities continue to struggle?  Is it a financial blessing to have bad credit but get financed at a 30% interest rate for a car?  Is it a curse to drive an old car that is paid for?  Our society often has things mixed up.  We believe that having the most items will show that you are blessed, and we fail to realize the massive amount of debt that goes along with the items.  Look over your financial situation, and keep the financial blessings and eliminate the financial curses.

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  1. Financial Blessing or Financial Curse? I enjoyed this article. I totally agree. The saying goes, “Don’t want to be house rich, cash poor”. But that’s goes for anything that will hinder your family and finances.

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