Pay God, Pay Yourself, and Pay Your Bills

Why Pay God?

In Malachi 3:8, the question is asked if a man will rob God.  It was later clarified that people have and still do rob God with tithes and offerings.  There are different views on how much to give, but the common belief is that whatever you give, give it with a glad heart.  People that fail to understand this fundamental giving principle may experience financial difficulties in life and open the door for the enemy to “wreck” their finances.  While we should not give expecting to receive from man, when we give to God, we know that He always supplies our every need.  Our small demonstration of faith in giving advances the Kingdom of God and spiritually secures our financial future.  It is the best investment around!

Why Pay Yourself?

Paying yourself is crucial.  Many people spend their whole life paying other people and neglect building a nest egg for themselves.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm advocate of paying your bills on-time, but it is important to pay yourself as well.  I have heard young adults say, “I may not be here tomorrow, so why should I save?”  On the other hand, I have heard middle-aged people repeatedly say, “I wish I had saved my money.”  There is a balance that has to be made.  You can enjoy life every day, but that does not mean you must wear $200 shoes and drive a $50,000 vehicle.  If you can’t be happy with yourself and what you presently have, money will not make you happy either.  You must lay a proper foundation for yourself and your family in order to enjoy life.  Being able to pay for needs and some wants without worrying about where the money will come from prevents stress and proves that you do not have to be rich to fully enjoy life.

Why Pay Your Bills?

Make sure you pay your bills on-time!  Paying your bills on-time is one determining factor of your credit score.  All credit suppliers review your payment history to determine if they will grant you credit, how much they will give you, and what interest rate you will pay.  To get the best interest rates, consistent on-time payments are a must!  Your payment history is your financial report card.  A failing grade can affect your finances for an extremely long time.  Even if credit institutions provide financing to you, do not finance more than you can afford to pay.

PAY GOD, PAY YOURSELF, and PAY YOUR BILLS…  Following this principle will strengthen you spiritually and naturally.  I am a follower…I am a believer…I can attest that God has never failed me yet!

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