“Building Wealth…One Home at a Time”

Austin Luxury Realty Services

Austin Luxury Realty Services supports clients in the Houston, Dallas, and Northeast Texas markets. We are dedicated to providing personal service while helping our clients have a satisfying and successful real estate experience. We have years of experience assisting home sellers and buyers and will do our best to make your home dreams come true, whether it be within a master planned community, a country setting or a luxury mansion. Our owner/broker is a retired Air Force officer and his motto is:  “I have served my country…now I am serving you!” Contact us today for a luxury real estate experience that will allow you to focus on what really matters in life…you and your family!  We’ll take the real estate stress away!

Home Buying Wealth Building

Building wealth should be a part of everyone’s financial plan, and one way to build wealth is through home ownership.  Home Buying & Wealth Building Cohorts consisting of people that plan to buy homes and build wealth are available for you to participate in.  You will be placed in year group cohorts based on when you plan to purchase a home.  The cohort is more than just a year group of people.  Home Buying preparation, mortgage consultation, financial consulting and other topics will be discussed to help reach home buying & wealth building goals.

financial coaching

A Financial Coach assists in developing and helping you improve your personal finances by providing direction with budgeting, saving, planning for major events, emergency fund, home buying, car buying, etc while a  Financial Advisor is used to exchange securities such as stocks and bonds. Joe offers Financial Coaching for those who desire to improve their financial stance. You may not have been properly taught how to manage finances growing up, or you may have encountered a life changing event that created a challenge for you and your finances. No matter where you are, there is hope, and we’ll help you through the process to achieve your goal! By signing up for our program, you will receive direct coaching with Joe and also be invited to exclusive events held throughout the year!